so I logged in this morning bc I had a lot of notifications over on the dance moms wiki and I just wanted to delete them since I'm inactive there as well now...

but this wave of nostalgia came back and I had to check all my other wikis and... idk I'm just really sad now like I miss this we were all so close

so I'm posting this as like an update thing so if any of us ever randomly go down memory lane we can see this and maybe get other forms of contact from each other???? like not even the four of us, other people that we used to be friends with too (: 

ok. so me. I'm 16 now and doing really well in school and I've grown up a lot, but at the same time I wanna be a little kid again. I've been going through a lot of rough patches but I've been staying afloat, although sometimes I've been this close to completely sinking. um I'm huge into music right now and hockey, I also still love thg and hp. I'm watching avatar and game of thrones rn. I'm also starting to look at colleges which is just ???? my tumblr is bbickells, my kik is marymaargaret13, and my twitter/ig is maggie_ob13 if you guys wanna contact/follow me (: 

UM some other cool stuff... maddah found me a while ago on tumblr and we follow each other, we haven't talked in a while bc I'm an awful person but yeah it's nice to see her on my dash almost every day. 

I just miss y'all a lot, like gia is completely gone and hannah is basically gone too and it's just sad. 

so none of you will probably ever see this and I'm probably just talking to myself but hey... I had to try, right? 

but maybe you guys don't feel the same way, and I guess that's cool too. 

- mags/maggie/moe/magrophone/whatever nicknames I used to have

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